2022 August Brawl Talk – 2 New Brawlers, Gears discount, and More

oday Supercell revealed on social media a small teaser of what’s to come and has already scheduled the preview of Brawl Talk!

Brawl Talk Tomorrow – Robot Factory

On the official Twitter of Brawl Stars, the developer published an image, which we can consider part of the preview of what is to come tomorrow, revealing the theme that must be addressed: Robot Factory.

See the post below:

In this image, we can see Belle welding some mechanical parts in a scenario that seems to be a workshop with several notes on a panel (they were planning a robbery?!) and many other details.

2 New Brawlers, Gears discount, and Plans for the Future!​

And in addition, as is tradition, the preview of Brawl Talk is already scheduled for tomorrow at noon. The thumbnail and title revealed some details we should expect: 2 New Brawlers, Gear Discount, and plans for the future.
In addition, we can also see a new skin that Poco will receive in the wild west theme and the silhouette of what appears to be a new brawler or skin!

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