December/2022 Brawl Talk – 3 New Brawlers, Lots of Skins, Goodbye Boxes and More

The next update will bring everyone to Candy Land with new themed skins, three new brawlers, a Dark Christmas theme, Giveaways and much more news!

The last update of the year for Brawl Stars is just around the corner, and today Brawl Talk has been revealed, with the development team revealing all the news to expect. And as you followed yesterday, we will have three new brawlers, a Candy Land theme, reformulation of the Brawler unlock system (end of boxes), many skins and more!

Want to know everything that’s coming to the game on December 12th?! Follow this whole post, where I detail everything!

December/2022 Update Brawl Talk

Watch Brawl Talk and see our roundup detailing everything from this update below!

Also, follow the details of this Brawl Talk below in the text!

Brawl Stars: Brawl Talk - New Brawler, Remodel, and lots of improvements!

👸 New Brawler Mandy

The Brawler Mandy is of chromatic rarity and, therefore, will be the one in the Brawl Pass. She is the CEO of Starr Park’s Candyland. She has the appearance of a brawler with blonde hair, a crown and staff and star robes.

She seems sweet, but she’s just a bitch for the clientele! When she’s alone, she’s always angry, either because Chester is teasing her or because customers behave like customers!

Primary Attack: When attacking with her main attack, she launches an accurate shot with the most extended range of any brawler in the game, but only if she stands still and charges her range bar. If she moves, the content reverts to the normal sniper-type range.
Super Skill: Using her Super, she shoots a sugary ray that reaches the other side of the map. This super takes a while to charge, so it should be enough to get away from her.

As usual, as a chromatic brawler from the Brawl Pass, she comes to the game with an even more excellent secondary skin, Magmatic Mandy. And it doesn’t stop there; she gets another look called MC Mandy. So there will be two skins at launch! See below her main face and Skin (which shoots lava instead of candy) and MC Mandy:

Mandy and the Brawl Pass arrive in January after the current season ends.

👸 New Brawler Mandy

And we’ll have a new legendary brawler named Chester coming to the game.
Chester is a chaotic prankster who is very annoying. He’s the type that never stops teasing everyone. He thinks it’s funny, but that’s how he shows affection.

Mandy has a love-hate relationship with Chester but more hate; she has her reasons!

Primary Attack: When taking out using his attack, he launches flurries of projectiles that follow the same pattern, no matter how much ammo you have:

  • The first attack launches a projectile;
  • The second throws three shots;
  • The third launched five missiles;

Super Skill: This is the first Brawler to feature random Supers, that’s right! There are five different Supers; you will know which one once the Super icon appears. The supers are:

  • Throw a Bomb;
  • Slow down enemies in an area;
  • Poison enemies in a cone;
  • If you heal; A stunning direct attack;

You know which Super you will use, but your opponents must guess!

And talking about Chester’s look, he is a brawler with the appearance of a clown, or jester, with blue and purple costumes. And he will arrive in the game with a skin called Dark Chester. See it all below:

Chester will be available on the day of the December update, and if you already have at least one Legendary Brawler, you can start unlocking Chester as soon as he appears on the new Star Trail!

New Free Brawler: Gray

And with this update, we will also have a brawler called Gray, with a very different style than we have seen in the last updates. He is the second member of the Brawlywood trio.

Lola is a soap opera star, therefore, super dramatic. But Gray makes art films; his niche is silent films.

Primary Attack: In his immediate attack, he throws puppet lines with the power of his mind.
Super Skill: When using Super, he opens portals that can be used to teleport to another place on the map.
The first portal appears where Gray is positioned when using the Super; the second is launched within range of his Super.
Both Brawler Gray and his allies can use their portals, so be careful to avoid making your team end up in the wrong place on the map.

This new Brawler will also arrive with a new look, Costumed as a Prisoner. See in detail:

It will be possible to unlock Brawler Gray for free by completing an in-game quest, which will be available once the update arrives. This quest lasts for one month, so complete it before it expires.

But if you don’t complete this mission, you can release Gray on the star trail or through an offer in the Store.

December skins Update

And with this Candyland season, we will have many skins in this candy theme. See each one of them:

Gummy Bear Nita (Brawl Pass Tier 1)

Pinata Ash (Star League)


Cupcake Darryl

And with Christmas approaching, we’ll also have some visuals within the theme but Dark Brawl Parties. See them all:

Yesti Sam​

Krampus Ash

Frost Queen Amber

Too many skins:

Baiku Eve

High Score Griff

World Champion Gus

Sam The Teddy(Brawlentine's Day)

Several Christmas Skins from previous years will return to the Store in special offers! Keep an eye on the Brawl Store and keep my Supporter Code “ClashDicas” active to help me and give back to this content!

Brawl 4th Anniversary Rewards

And next week, we will celebrate the 4th anniversary of Brawl Stars, and as many already expect, we will have lots of gifts for players! So from the 12th to the 26th of December, we will be able to win free items every day, including:

  • Power Points
  • Free Gems
  • Free Skin: Classic Shelly
  • And more!

See some of these items below:

And Classic Shelly is finally returning to the game with a new look and more polished, as rumoured by many theories in the community, since annually, some of those old beta skins (before the brawler’s reformulation) come back on that date of brawl birthday! See her below:

Change in Brawler unlocking system

As already announced last week, all crates will be removed from Brawl Stars! So there will be no more odds, random prizes and no more guessing when a new Brawler will win.

With this change, as soon as the new update arrives, all unlocked but unredeemed rewards will automatically be held back! And that also goes for past (and current) seasons, the Trophy Path, and even unredeemed crates.

Among the reasons that led Supercell to abandon the old system, they intend to avoid Odds and Luck (making it more fair and predictable for players) and Make objectives more straightforward and exciting when playing.

Introducing the Chromatic Valleys and Valleys

And finally, it’s time for the long-awaited revamp of the gears. The news was announced some time ago and will now be implemented. But it is worth emphasizing that with this no player will lose, everyone will be rewarded with coins.

It will be possible to earn the Vouchers in the Brawl Pass, Path of Trophies, Offers in the Store and sometimes in challenges and missions.
Chromatic Vouchers are the new in-game currency that can be used in the Chromatic Shop.

Chromatic Vouchers will be available in the free part of the Brawl Pass, in the Store, in missions or challenges.

Here is a list of the new features of this system:

  • Brawl Pass and Trophy Path rewards will be replaced with certain tips (some even new to the game).
  • You will always know what you will win!
  • Instead of releasing brawlers in crates, they will be unlocked on a rewarding trail, the Star Trail!
  • Releasing characters of different rarities will cost different amounts of vouchers.
  • Each stage in Star Trail has a preset rarity to unlock the next character.
  • At the beginning of the game, it releases specific brawlers, and as you advance in this new system, you can choose between 2 or 3 different brawlers.
  • If the Brawler you want is outside the options, keep advancing on the track until the Brawler is available.
    It will be possible to buy any brawler you want from the brawler screen.
  • And if you’ve started unlocking and want to speed up the process, you can purchase discount vouchers to complete the unlock.
  • The Star Trail will be the same for all players, but it will change depending on the brawlers you choose and your progress.
  • The goal will always be to unlock a brawler, and when that happens, the game will ask you to define the next one, and so on.
  • If you change your mind and want to choose another brawler as a goal (within the options), the vouchers will be transferred to the other one you choose.
    With the release of new brawlers, you can change the release process for a limited time. Otherwise, it goes to the end of the star trail.
  • Chromatic Brawlers will not be part of the Star Trail. The place for these will still be the Brawl Pass, but they will also be available in the Chromatic Shop and for Gems.

Choose the brawler you want to release, accumulate vouchers from the Path of Trophies, Brawl Pass, challenges and missions, and once you have enough coupons to unlock the brawler, move on to the next one!

Changed the rarities for brawlers that were previously on Trophy Path to make this switch to Star Trail simpler when collecting brawlers. So, Nita, Colt, Bull, Bo, Stu, Emz and 8-BIT will now be a Rare rarity.

New system: FAME

If you already have your FULL account, including having all the brawlers, all the vouchers you redeem will be converted into a new mechanic called FAMA!

Fame is a new cosmetic way to showcase your Brawl account, available in your player profile and on the main screen. And with the first update of the year 2023, new ways to display your Fame status in-game will be released.

Note: If you need more chromatic brawlers to unlock, you can use chromatic vouchers to acquire more progress in fame.

How will the system migrate?

This is one of the most significant changes ever made to Brawl, so we have to understand that with the arrival of the update, which will happen in the middle of the season, we will have significant changes.

So everyone who purchased the Ghost Station Brawl Pass (before or after the update) will receive 80 Free Gems in the Store when it arrives.

  • Those who purchased the Brawl Pass before the update will be compensated with lost paid track vouchers.

Other News

  • 4 New Gears
  • 4th Anniversary Brawl: Free profile icon based on account age
  • Duels game mode will become permanent
  • We will have seven new duel maps

Skin Ash Devil Giveaway

  • As usual, those who follow the site will be able to participate in sweepstakes, which will be for the new skin of Ash Diabinho.

There will be two draws:

3 Skins in the Facebook Group: Open to all members, three players will be drawn.
3 Skins on Discord: There will be three Skins there.

As you already know, the update already has a date to be released; as previously revealed, it will arrive for everyone on December 12 (Monday).

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