Create Your Brawl Stars Reaction Pin Maker Tool

Pins are used in-game for players to express themselves during matches, orient themselves and represent brawlers. And now Supercell is releasing a tool so players can create their pins for use outside of the game.

Brawl Stars Pin Creation Tool

The Pin Maker is a page inside Supercell’s official website, and there you can choose the basis of your reaction and customize it according to your taste. It is possible to select the color of the character, eyes, mouth, accessories, and position of elements, and with that, it is possible to create an infinity of reactions.

A video was published on the game’s social networks, where you can see a preview:

CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN PIN on, use it as your profile picture on social networks, post it on your fan art, or print it and put it on a billboard! Anything is possible!
Maybe as a warm-up, share in the comments what you’ve come up with so far! 🔥

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