New Brawler Lola, Skins, Brawlywood and more news – October/2021 Brawl Talk

A new Brawl Stars update is coming up, but first, let’s check out everything that’s coming to the game in a special Brawl Talk, then we’ll have a few days to detail every new feature in Sneak Peeks!

And in this update we’ll have the Brawlywood themed, which will showcase a new area of ​​Starr Park, Starr Studios, along with a new brawler Lola and themed skins. But not only that, as this month we have Halloween, the theme will also be present in the game, with skins and a game mode to keep everyone in the mood.

New Brawler "Lola"

Lola is a chromatic brawler, who will arrive with the Brawl Pass for the next season of the game. She’s a Brawlywood star, she’s a totally self-obsessed brawler, and she goes out of her way to be the center of attention.

Attack: With her main attack, Lola shoots stars through the diamond eyes of her fake fox scarf. These main attack shots deal damage within a short, narrow range.

Super Ability: In her Super she throws a diamond necklace on the ground, where you aim and release, and so she creates a copy of herself, which has less hit points but mimics the movements and has the same power as Lola. So whenever she shoots, her clone also attacks.

New Skins for Brawlers

And of course in an update that was presented with Paula, Dani and Ryan in costumes flashier than ever, we couldn’t be without new exclusive Brawlywood and Halloween themed update looks!

In this update we will have new looks from the B-800, Surge Kong, Captain Crow, Squeaks Buster Gale and the Director Buzz. See below the image of each of these new skins:

Bull B-800
Wattson Kong
Captain Crow
Squeaks Buster Gale
Director Buzz
  • The Rock and Lola look will be released at Braw Pass level 70 and the B-800 at the first paid level.
  • Director Buzz will be the look acquired through the Star League.

The Brawl Halloween skins

Swamp Gene
Squeak Ghost
Headless Rider Stu
Count P

New Silver and Gold Skins

Redesign of Brawler Jessie + Felina Skin

And finally we will have a Brawler Jessie makeover. Now it will have more details and will be more polished, giving an air of renewed look and updated with the other brawlers.

But it doesn’t stop there, as you may have seen on the Esports Brawl Stars channel, someone had stolen the champion’s trophy, and in the course of that story they found out that it was Jessie. And we’ll have a new look of Jessie Felina, the trophy thief, which can be unlocked for free through the new way to watch Brawl Stars world championship final matches in November.

Players will be able to vote in polls, which teams should win the matches and more, score to achieve what is necessary to unlock resource rewards, pins and Jessie.

Other news

  • The Invisible Brawlers are back! Seasonal modifier for each game mode
  • More reactions, including some excited ones.
  • Brawl-o-Ween’s old skins will be back!
  • Combat+ will continue

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