EMZ Supercell Make: Winning Skin Announced – D.J. 3. M.Z.

A new edition of Supercell Make was announced last month, and a week later, registration opened for the community to create new skin concepts for Emz based on the “Pop Star” theme.
And in this edition, there was a significant change; the platform started to accept 2D models without the need for modelling.

EMZ Supercell Make Winning Skin

Voting ended last week, and according to Dani, Brawl’s community manager, the community-made the final decision this time! One of the finalist skins was one of the most voted and the other a choice of the team, but the result is from the community, which chose through an in-game vote, in the last few days.

And the winning Skin of this edition was D.J. 3. M.Z., created by @bouncyduck:

The Brawl Stars profile tweet made the result official on Monday morning (18), and also honored the skins that came in second and third place.

There is still no forecast for the Skin to arrive in the game. The official profile just says “DJ 3.MZ will be on Brawl Stars in a future update”.

Brawl Stars Merch - Brawler EMZ

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