The Favorite Skins of Brawl Stars EMZ in Supercell Make

The new Supercell MAKE campaign in Pop starr. Since the application period started, our creators have presented more than 1000 skins, this period is about to end, and the difficult voting can begin to determine the finalists. The vote will end on the morning of the following Monday, April 11.

And before community votes, there are already many favorites skins to be part of this selection among the community. The team itself fighting stars should increase the skin viability of EMZ, pop starr in terms of fulfilling all the rights (not too much like a real character, not too much nudity of the fighter, etc…), or whether its development is feasible and not too complex because it is saturated with unnecessary elements.

Fantastic and very different designs from each other, where of course we can find skins drinking many authentic pop stars like Madonna, Taylor Swift, Boy George or Michael Jackson.

Favorite Finalists

CookieKukeh created Kitty Emz Idol

Emz is trying to get new followers who came up with the wonderful idea of becoming an idol, reaching many people’s hearts with her kpop songs with her futuristic touch. At the same time, neon green and pink colors with feline touches, she fills her stages with her songs being poco her fan #1. his basics are a hair spray which will show mini black kittens and at the same time, her last one, a large circle full of hearts and musical notes.

ÁlvaroDC created Pop EMZ Idol​

What do we have left after the beautiful show of the bad randoms? The new star has just arrived, EMZ, the best vocalist and dancer in pop,… enjoy!

IcyTamTam created Heeling EMZ​

What do we have left after the beautiful show of the bad randoms? The new star has just arrived, EMZ, the best vocalist and dancer in pop,… enjoy!

I-eat-pineapples created Bad Mannered EMZ

Back then, a number 1 fan; now, a part of them. After many attempts and fails, EMZ managed to join Bad Randoms as their bass guitarist

Fort Maximus created TechnoStarr Emz

Starr Park (“A Place You’ll Never Want To Leave!”) is a perfect, well-oiled machine, primarily thanks to the help from our friendly Robo staff! But alas, like our beloved park guests, even Robo’s need a chance to unwind and have some fun! Luckily, the fabulous TechnoStarr Emz is here to do just that! Combining classic sharp suits from 90’s Kpop and cutting-edge Robo-tech, Emz is sure to keep the beat for her Robofans!

For her main attack, she vocalizes a wave of soundbars, making a synthetic “Hey,” “Woo,” or “Yea,” kind of like a particular dinosaur from The Bad Randoms!
For her super, things REALLY amp up with a seismic Dubstep solo on Emz’s Porta-DJ sound system!

Might add more details and images later, like attack/super examples and more!

Lilacnathy created Emz Cantante

Who said you have to be modern to be a pop star?
Emz Cantante came to show her best performance with lots of drama and passion.
Don’t you think she and Poco make a cute duo?

Bouncyduck created DJ EMZ

In her deepest secret… she composes and mixes music to make extraordinary mixes! With the help of her mixing desk, she leaves the audience speechless… I wonder who is that talented DJ under that mask!

The artist speaks: I have taken inspiration from famous DJs like Daft Punk; in the development of this one, the push in that musical group was the key to creating the skin.

Turn around of her weapon and more.

FreeFGP created Toxic Starr EMZ

Your favorite Teenage Zombie Influencer has decided to become a Pop Starr! Her incredible singing skills will leave you stunned!

She might get a little toxic at times, so watch out! <3

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