April/2022 Brawl Stars Balance Update – Buffs and Nerfs

And among the news shown on Brawl Talk, we will reveal some other details in the coming days. And for today, a new round of Balance changes comes with the update (no date set).

​In the meantime, come check out all the details first hand!

And as the rumors already indicated, this new update and season is Biomutation themed, revealing the Garden of Starr Park. It is in this environment that the beautiful flowers, plants and creatures of Starr Park are created.

Balance Changes

There will be 10 Buff changes and three Nerf changes in the game, in addition to reworks. Check each one of them!

Brawlers that will have improved effectiveness (BUFFS)

  • Base Health Increase: From 4,200 to 4,400
  • Base Damage Increase: From 1300 to 1400

Bibi saw the light at the end of the tunnel in Push and Pull, but that was it. Improving some of her stats should make her a more viable choice for other maps and comps.

  • Basic Attack Projectile Speed ​​Increase: About 7%.

Since we want to make more changes to Bo in the future, the first essential step is to improve the speed of his projectiles to make his shots a little easier to hit.

  • Star Power “Can you take Bullets?”: Speed ​​increase (from 35% to 25%);
  • Essential attack discharge increased to 50ms
  • The Griff can now discharge his ammo faster without Star Power (with Star Power, it is the same as before).
  • Star Power “Business Credit”: Changed from 10% to 15% of lost health.

Griff looked weak in the game without the “Can you Take Bullets?”, and this Star Power turned out to be an obvious choice. Nerfing the Star Power “Can You Take Bullets?” but improving the discharge of its basic attack should allow players to make more interesting decisions when choosing a Star Power and make it better even without Star Power.

  • Super Freeze is now a base skill but at 90% effectiveness.
  • This new Super Freeze increases freeze by 33%, a 20% gain over the old values.
  • The new “Hypothermia” Star Power decreases enemies’ damage the more frozen they are (up to 50%).

The removal of Cornered has melted Lou’s dreams of glory. Making Super Freeze a base power was an excellent first step, as was changing the Hypothermia mechanism to make this Star Power more competitive. It will help Lou at all power levels; it will also make choosing Star Power more interesting.

  • The “Gum Elastic” Attachment now increases the damage of the next attack to 50%.
  • Attachment “Residue” now lasts 5 seconds longer (15 to 20s). In addition to giving allies vision, it also leaves a zone that slows enemies.

Squeak’s accessories were as helpful as a chew toy dog. Both offer some benefits and should give more options based on the player’s strategy with Squeak.

Brawlers that will have reduced effectiveness (NERFS)

  • “Peaceful Cactus”: Health points reduced (from 3,500 to 1,750).

Spike has been very versatile for a long time, and a big reason for that is his Peaceful Cactus Attachment which has a lot of value and nullifies many other Brawlers. Reducing his Healing Power allows more Brawlers to fight him.

  • Supercharge reduced from 3 to 4 basic attacks.

Byron has been flying under the radar for a while and has slowly increased in power as the meta favors him. While he’s not out of line, it was pretty easy to get his Super, so now Byron will have to work a little harder to get there.

  • Base Health Reduction: From 4,500 to 4,300.
  • Super Damage Reduction: From 1,200 to 1,000.
  • Reduced Stun Duration of the “Circular Kick” accessory: 1s to 0.5s.
  • The “Reserve Kick” Star Power no longer recharges the Super when killing Pets.

It’s no use kicking and crying; Fang needs to be nerfed. His potential to eliminate teams is unparalleled; added to his Star Power that recharged the Super even when killing Pets and the stun, he’s been too strong. Now he is more vulnerable, and even the initial explosion is not on the same level.

  • Projectile Speed ​​Reduction: From 3,700 to 3,500.
  • Base Health Reduction: From 3,000 to 2,900.
  • Essential Damage Reduction: From 400 to 370.

Eve has been powerful even after nerfing her range. As troublesome as her second Star Power is, she is also powerful without it. Nerfaring Eve will bring her more in line as it should be.

  • Reduced Storm Wind stun duration: From 1.5s to 1.25s
  • In the game, it will be shown as 1.3 due to the rounding of values.

Gale has had his glory days lately, mainly because of Fang’s strength (and Gale is an excellent Counter), but also because of his Storm Winds Star Power that stuns enemies. Decreasing the stun duration will give other Brawlers time to fight back.



As we thought about new Attachments, we realized that nothing could beat “Power Swing,” Playing Wattson without that Attachment felt terrible. Not wanting a Brawler to be too dependent on an Accessory to be viable, remodeling Wattson’s entire kit seems like the best choice. It will be better at all levels of play, and Accessories will be a more attractive choice for players.

  • “Energy Swing” accessory with teleport removed.
  • Now he will also be able to do a short jump when using Super.
  • Accessory 1 “Energy Swing”: Increases the upgrade level by 2 for 10s.
  • Accessory 2 “Powered Shield”: Over the next 5 seconds, Wattson absorbs 80% damage from the next hit and uses its energy to recharge 3 shots.
Resistance Gear
  • Resistance gear changed to Vision Gear.
  • Reveals enemies for X time after taking damage.

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