All details of the Brawler New Profile Icons and New Cosmetic item: Sprays

Brawl Stars Sprays: All details of the New Cosmetic item

As revealed in this weekend’s Brawl Talk, a new feature is coming to the game to complement the variety of cosmetic content, Sprays.
They can be unlocked through the Trophies Path; from 200 trophies, it is already possible to release 3 for free, and after that, new slots are released at 650, 1300, and 1600 trophies.

How Brawl Stars Sprays Work?

As it already exists in some games, Sprays allow each player to leave their mark on the map during matches. They are only applied to the floor of maps and are visible to all players.

One detail, each player can only have one active Spray on the ground at a time. So no graffiti SPAM on match floors 😅

How to unlock new Sprays in Brawl Stars?

In addition to unlocking them in the Trophy Path, players can unlock new ones and reactions through the Brawl Pass by winning unique Challenges in-game and in the Brawl Stars Shop.

Where can I select which Spray I want to use?

On the selection screen of each Brawler, you can click on the reactions icon, and there you can find two tabs, the classic one with Reactions and a new one with SPRAYS.

On the screen, you will be able to select which Brawler sprays you want to use, and the general player sprays.

What are the Sprays that will arrive with the update?

In total, 35 Sprays will be available at the update’s launch. Also, some of them will have special effects!
Below you can see all existing sprays at the moment:

Brawlers sprays

Other sprays

New Profile Icons: See All

Other cosmetic content being released in the game, to be purchased in the Store, are the profile icons. Previously it was only possible to get them by unlocking new brawlers, Star League and other basics.

New Profile Icons

And in this next update we will have the following news:

  • 12 Profile Icons for each Trophy Path Brawler

4 Store-specific Skins profile icons

2 Star League Icons

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