Supercell Make Coming Back + Changes

Supercell Make is Back!

It’s been almost a year since the last edition of Supercell Make, Supercell’s program. The community can suggest new looks for a particular Brawler, put it for a vote in the community, and be rewarded if SC chooses it.

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And this Tuesday (15), the community was surprised with a new SC to Make campaign by Brawler EMZ. The news was announced on the game’s social media, and many changes came to the platform.

Supercell Make New Brawler EMZ

As explained above, this time, it will be a campaign for the community to make Skins for the brawler EMZ, with the theme “What if Emz was a pop star?”

Emz decided to become a Pop Starr in search of the most likes! Is she the princess of pop in the 90s? Or does she like K-Pop? She’s now a Starr, and it’s up to you to decide what she’s look like! Vote for your favorite Skin and help the Brawl Stars team choose a ONE-star creation that will be added to the game!

The campaign link is this:
On the website, you will find all the information. Registration starts next week, March 21st!

Supercell MAKE is now 2D!

Supercell MAKE is a platform that allows artists to submit their skin ideas; they will pick one of them to implement in Brawl Stars! After going through lots of feedback, both from you and internally, Supercell decided to try something different to make more sense for the community. Supercell MAKE is now 2D!

This means making a 3D concept of your idea is no longer required, so more artists will be able to participate, especially the Brawl fan artists who are already creating unique pieces every day. The most important thing now is the idea of your skin. Of course, the better you present it, the higher your chances to win!

Changes to the Supercell Make platform

And along with the show’s new campaign, Supercell is bringing some significant changes. Understand them all below!

  • 🎨 3D assets are no longer a requirement
  • 🙌 Voting has improved
  • Downvote has now been removed
  • User Interface is now smoother
  • The number of votes disappears after 1000 votes
  • Voting starts after the submission phase is complete
  • Guidelines: They are now clearer! And now adapted to 2D
  • Upload Page: it’s now more informative
    Better feedback for the artist (ensures their submission has gone forward)
  • Rewards: the total prize money has decreased to justify the lower entry level
  • They are a lot clearer now on the website.

From today, the deadline is one month for the winner’s announcement. The Reward money was reduced to USD 2,500 to justify lower entry-level.

The first campaign is already in place and we’ll start with a big community request: EMZ! Her campaign will be around “What if Emz was a Pop-star?” Is she a K-Pop Singer? Or part of the SPIKE GIRLS? Or Oops… Emz did it again? It’s up to you to imagine and create!

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