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Maisie is a Precise Shot type character of Chromatic rarity, and a security assistant at the Starr Park cinema, preventing accidents from happening during Brawlywood productions. She is part of the trio of Fang and Buster, two clumsy ones, making Maisie act like the big sister, putting an order.
Her appearance is that of a black character with a robotic arm, wearing a hair band and earrings that look like screws.


(!) The content of this post is about a Brawler that has not yet been released in the game. On this page, you can check out all the details of the character’s appearance when she is released in the next season!

Abilities of Brawler Maisie, the chromatic brawler of Season 18

Attack: Pressure Cannon

The more the enemy runs, the faster Maisie’s rocket will reach him.

The Brawler’s attack projectile is long-range, medium-sized, starts slow, and accelerates over time, dealing a medium amount of damage.

Super Attack: Shockwave

Anyone who doesn’t know how to give Maisie space will learn the hard way.

When using her Super, she shoots the ground, using her robotic arm weapon, causing a shockwave in the area, dealing damage, and pushing everyone around her.


Accessories are unlockable after upgrading to level 7 and can be purchased using coins. The player chooses which one to use in matches.
Understand how each Accessory works:


Maisie shoots the ground, recoiling and stunning enemies for 0.5 seconds.

  • With this Accessory, Brawler uses the same mechanics as her Super to stun opponents briefly and push them back.


  • Usage per match: 3 times

Final blow

  • Maisie reloads one shot on the hour, and the next normal attack deals additional damage equal to 30% of the target’s remaining health.

  • With the second Accessory, she gains a projectile, which deals more damage according to the remaining life of the target.

  • Usage per match: 3 times

Star Power

Star Powers are unlockable from the moment you upgrade the Brawler to level 9; from then on, the player can buy them using coins.

Learn all about Maisie’s Star Powers:

Surgical Precision

  • Maisie’s basic attack does 10% more damage at max range.

  • Her first Star Power allows her to deal more damage with her main attack when the target is at her maximum distance.


  • Enemies hit by the Super are also slowed for 2 seconds.


  • In this other Star Power of hers, Super gains the ability to slow down opponents for a while, giving her more chance to eliminate them afterward.

Maisie's wiki

Maisie is a Chromatic Rarity with a movement speed of normal.

LevelHealthAttack damageSuperAttack Reload SpeedSuper Damage
 Long Long
136001280 Normal1240
237801344  1302
339601408  1364
441401472  1426
543201536  1488
645001600  1550
746801664  1612
848601728  1674
950401792  1736
1052201856  1798
1154001920  1860

How to get Maisie?

It is possible to unlock Maisie by buying the Brawl Pass of the season she is released in the game, reaching level 30. After that, buying her using 500 Chromatic Valleys or, if you prefer, using 169 Gems is possible. The more chromatic brawlers you have, the more options you have to buy from those you don’t have.

All Maisie Mastery Levels

Play with Brawler Maisie to earn exclusive rewards! The domain system will reward you with points for each victory. As you reach new heights of mastery, you will earn rewards; see each one below.

Maisie’s Mastery Levels
3001,000 Gold
800150 Power Points
1.500100 Vouchers
2.600300 Power Points
4.0002,000 Gold
5.800100 Chromatic Valleys
10.300New Reaction
16.800Exclusive Player Icons
24.800Player Title: Master of Disaster

Earn multiple trophies or climb the stellar league to get more dominance points with each victory.

Skin Of Maisie

Skin Of the Jungles Queen Maisie (Brawl Pass Season 17, 149 Gems or 5,000 Blings)

Skin Maisie Técnica (29 Gemas ou 1.000 Blings)

Tech Maisie

Jungle Queen Maisie

Default Maisie

Balance Changes

None so far…

Tips for playing with Otis

Coming soon!

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