Brawl Stars Season 18 Rewards – Free & Brawl Pass

Brawl Stars Season 18 has begun, bringing a new brawler to the game, Maisie. She is an employee of Starr Park, an assistant security guard at the Cinema! And along with this new season, we will have many rewards for players to unlock in each tier, including the new currency that arrived with the last update, the siblings, and the skin in the last paid tier.

  Check out the season teaser, which was revealed on the update day!

Season 18 intro animation

Brawl Stars Season 18 Rewards – Free & Brawl Pass

Players will get Free rewards from Vouchers, Gems, Gold, PowerPoints, Blings, and more! And for players who purchase the Brawl Pass, they will have even better extra rewards! There will be two exclusive skins, the Nova Brawler Maisie, reactions, vouchers, and lots of gold!

Season Rewards:

LevelTokens to UnlockBrawl Pass RewardFree Reward
002.750 Blings95 Vouchers
175160 Power Points165 Power Points
27545 Vouchers10 Gems
3100335 gold640 gold
4150160 Power Points95 Vouchers
520045 Vouchers185 Power Points
6300335 gold640 gold
7400160 Power Points60 Chromatic Valleys
840045 Vouchers95 Vouchers
9400335 Gold640 gold
104001,600 Blings185 Power Points
11400160 Power Points40 Chromatic Valleys
1240045 Vouchers95 Vouchers
13400335 Gold640 gold
14400160 Power Points10 gems
1540045 Vouchers185 Power Points
16400335 gold95 Vouchers
17400160 Power Points40 Chromatic Valleys
1840045 Vouchers640 gold
19400335 gold185 Power Points
20400New Spray95 Vouchers
21500160 Power Points40 Chromatic Valleys
2250045 Vouchers20 Gems
23500335 gold185 Power Points
24500160 Power Points640 gold
2550045 Vouchers95 Vouchers
26500335 gold185 Power Points
27500160 Power Points40 Chromatic Valleys
2850045 Vouchers640 gold
29500160 Power Points185 Power Points
30500Brawler Maisie95 Vouchers
31500Maisie’s reaction40 Chromatic Valleys
3250045 Vouchers640 gold
33500Maisie’s reaction95 Vouchers
34500335 gold185 Power Points
35500Maisie’s reaction40 Chromatic Valleys
3650045 Vouchers10 Gems
37500Maisie’s reaction640 gold
38500335 gold95 Vouchers
39500160 Power Points185 Power Points
4050045 Vouchers40 Chromatic Valleys
41550Maisie’s reaction640 gold
42550335 Gold

185 Power Points
43550New Player Icon95 Vouchers
44550160 Power Points10 Gems
45550Maisie’s reaction640 gold
46600335 gold40 Chromatic Valleys
4760045 Vouchers185 Power Points
48600335 gold640 gold
49600Maisie’s reaction95 Vouchers
5060045 Vouchers185 Power Points
51600Maisie’s reaction640 gold
52600335 gold10 Gems
53600Maisie’s reaction185 Power Points
54600160 Power Points95 Vouchers
55600Maisie’s reaction40 Chromatic Valleys
5660045 Vouchers640 gold
57650Maisie’s reaction185 Power Points
58650160 Power Points95 Vouchers
59650Maisie’s reaction40 Chromatic Valleys
60650335 gold640 gold
61650Maisie’s reaction185 Power Points
62650335 gold20 Gems
63650Maisie’s reaction95 Vouchers
6465045 Vouchers185 Power Points
65650Maisie’s reaction40 Chromatic Valleys
66650160 Power Points185 Power Points
67650Maisie’s reaction640 gold
68650335 Gold95 Vouchers
69650Maisie’s reaction240 Power Points
70650Skin of Maisie Queen of the Jungles2,000 gold
~500145 Gold + 42 Power Points + 25 Vouchers
  • Free Pass Total: 1,520 Vouchers, 500 Chromatic Valleys, 10,240 Gold. 3,550 Power Points, 90 Gems.
  • Total Brawl Pass Paid: 720 Vouchers, 7,695 Gold, 2,400 Power Points, Maisie’s 17 Reactions, 4,350 Blings,1 Player Icon, The skin of Maisie, Queen of the Jungles, All Free Brawl Pass Rewards!

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