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About New Brawler Janet​

And talking about the first new brawler coming with the following season, her name is Janet. She is from the Brawler Stu trio and is of chromatic rarity. In addition to being a singer and acrobat, Janet is a star of a show at Starr Park.

It can be unlocked starting at level 30 of the Season 12 Brawl Pass as a Destroyer-type and Chromatic rarity character. Players who acquire it will be able to unlock it as soon as they reach this milestone, and those who haven’t bought it will have the chance to unlock it by opening boxes.

  • Primary Attack: Unleashes a falsetto propagates in a cone shape, and damages opponents. And the difference is that the longer you hold the aim button, the more full (closed) the attack projector will be.
  • Super Ability: Janet activates her jetpack using the super button, flying for a few seconds over the battlefield. And while she flies, she can also attack opponents on the ground.

Bonnie & Janet Brawl Stars – Wiki, Info, Skins and Attacks​

Brawl Stars Janet Skins​

When does Janet get out, and how does she get her?​​

Janet will be available in Brawl Stars at the beginning of Season 12, dated April 25. As for the method of obtaining, it will be the same as with all chromatic brawlers. She will be part of the next Battle Pass, with whose purchase we can also unlock an alternative aspect that characterizes her as a valkyrie. This skin will be available as a reward for completing the Brawl Pass.

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