March/2022 Update: Skins Values ​​and Release Dates

March/2022 Update brings a bunch of awesome new skins themed around biomutation. See below for details on these new skins, release dates for each, and how much they will cost in the store.

New Skins of the New Update

Skins Dates and Values

Attention: These dates may change without notice from Supercell!

The following Skins will be available for purchase and will later be available for gems.

  • Dr. Edgar – 149 Gems —— Launching March 10th (Thursday)
  • Corrupted Sprout – 79 Gems —— Launching March 17th (Thursday)
  • Mantis Rosa – 149 Gems —— Launching March 23 (Wednesday)
  • Mr. Fly – 79 Gems —— Launching March 31 (Thursday)
  • Beetle Meg – 79 Gems —— Launching April 7th (Thursday)
  • Ivy Belle – 79 Gems —— Launching April 14th (Thursday)
  • Bunny Grom – 49 Gems —— Launching April 17th (Sunday)

Dr. Edgar Skins Raffle

In the next few days we will have raffles for Dr. Edgar’s new skin on the site and in the Facebook page. Wait for the announcement…

Silver and Gold Skins

  • Buzz – Silver (10,000 gold) / Gold (25,000)
  • Colonel Ruffs –//–
  • Sprout –//–
  • Wattson –//–

The 11th Brawl Pass Skins

  • Rich Firefly – Brawl Pass (Level Level 1)
  • Pimpled Eve – Brawl Pass (Level Level 70)

Star League

  • The Wasp Bo unlocked in the 60th Star League win round, for 25,000 star points.
  • The Lion Bull will be in the Club Shop, on sale for 2,500 Club Coins.
Skins Visual Effects Update
  • Wattson Paladin Robot
  • Amber De La Vega

Maintenance Break (03/02/22) - Post Update Bug Fixes

What changes in today's maintenance?

  • Fixed a sound effects issue for Nita Nian’s reaction.
  • Fixed a bug where Meg would reappear with the robot skin after being eliminated.
  • Fixed an issue where pets would spawn randomly when using a spawn skill just before elimination.
  • Fixed Captain Crow poison buildup.
  • Ash’s “Rotten Banana” Attachment now grants 40% rage for 40% current health. Attachment damage no longer gives extra rage.
  • The Grom and Squeak Accessories have been adjusted, as they are revealing brawlers in bushes in Leon’s Stealth Lollipop area.
Which Skin did you like the most? Come discuss it in our Facebook Page!

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