April/2022 Brawl Talk – Brawler Janet, Bonnie, Robotic Invasion and more news

A new Brawl Talk is live, with Dani and Paula presenting all the news that will come with the Next Brawl Stars Update. And among them, we will have not one but two new Brawlers, a new game mode, various themed skins, cosmetic content and more!
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Brawl Talk April/2022 Update

Watch Brawl Talk and see our roundup detailing everything from this update below!

New Brawler Janet

And talking about the first new brawler coming with the following season, her name is Janet. She is from the Brawler Stu trio and is of chromatic rarity. In addition to being a singer and acrobat, Janet is a star of a show at Starr Park.

  • Primary Attack: Unleashes a falsetto propagates in a cone shape, and damages opponents. And the difference is that the longer you hold the aim button, the more full (closed) the attack projector will be.
  • Super Ability: Janet activates her jetpack using the super button, flying for a few seconds over the battlefield. And while she flies, she can also attack opponents on the ground.

Second New Brawler Bonnie

And we won’t have just one new Brawler in this update, but TWO, they are sisters. Bonnie is Janet’s younger sister, part of Stu’s Trio, doing the stunt show at Starr Park.
She’s gay, plays terror, and is famous for a dangerous trick: getting shot out of a cannon!

Bonnie has two forms active with her super, similar to Meg. The difference is that Bonnie only reverts to her default form if she uses her super again.

Cannon Form: Walks slowly and attacks from a distance. It has only one ammo bar, providing slow shots.

  • When using the Super: It is launched by its cannon, and when it lands, it deals damage. And that activates her second form.

Off-Cannon Form: Walking without the cannon, Bonnie is fast and does a lot of damage close to her target.

  • When using Super: It takes a while to get back into cannon form, but she regains some of her health once she does.

The new brawler will be released sometime during season 12.

New Skins for Brawlers

And talking more about the new visuals, they couldn’t be missing in this update. And taking advantage of the “Acrobatics Show” theme, we will have several skins in this style.

Check out each of the new skins below:

Valkyrie Janet
Biker Carl
Monster Truck Meg
Pyro Spike
Crash Test Darryl
Daruma Mr.p
Tempest Tara
Starr Force Enemy Skins

And we will also have themed skins of the “Enemies of the Starr Force”, the rogues. See them below:

Overlord Byron
Galaxy Storm Lola
Empress Bonnie

These skins will arrive in the Store during specific in-game events with a challenge, a unique reaction, and a spray.

New Robotic Invasion Game Mode (PvEvP)

And as we already had a preview yesterday, we will have a new PvEvP game mode coming this season. This mode will be 3×3 and will feature robots, where the objective is to collect more pieces than the opposing team in 2 minutes or less.

It’s a very similar model to Cornered, but whoever gets 8 pieces already wins in this one. To get it, it would help if you defeated the robots first, which fall from the sky during the game.
As has already happened, this mode will only be available during this season.

Cosmetic Items: Sprays and Profile Icons

We will finally have new cosmetic items coming to Brawl, the Sprays. They will be unlocked on the Trophy Path, and everyone will earn three.

With Sprays, you will be able to leave your mark during matches, similarly to reactions, but this one will stay on the ground. Here’s what the starter sprays look like:

Exterminate Mode

And from what Brawl Talk has hinted at, we can look forward to a wide variety of these items in the Brawl Pass rewards, Challenges, and the Brawl Shop.

We will also have the addition of new profile icons, which can be purchased in the Store:

Change to Brawl Pass Quests and Rewards

And in this update, we will also have improvements to Brawl Pass missions and rewards received.

Among the new missions, we can find the following during Brawl Talk:

  • “Capture zones for 10 seconds in Strategic Zone”
  • “Carry 3 Gems or more for 10 seconds in Gem Pique.”
  • “Collect 15 Power Cubes in Solo Combat Mode”
  • “Deal 160,000 damage in Starhunter”

In addition to Tokens, we will have Reactions, Gold and additional items as rewards for completing quests.

It will also be possible to exchange missions you don’t want to do for others. It is possible to do this at no cost, one mission per week. If you have purchased the Brawl Pass, you can exchange 3 missions per week.

Star League Enhancements (revealed before)

And as they had already revealed earlier this month, the Star League will be improved with the new Brawl update.

  • All players will be entitled to a Brawler Ban before the match.
  • Your opponents can banish the same brawler as you, but allies can only banish different brawlers.
  • They’re working on the “Suggest Brawler” feature, and maybe that will come with the next update.

New Environment + New Fute-Brawl maps

During this Brawl Talk, it was possible to see the newest Environment where battles should occur on specific maps. The setting is the arena where Stu and his crew do their stunt shows at Starr Park.

At the top, we can see a sign for “The Stunt Show”, with luminous stars, a stage and a monument in the background, with flaming fires. On the side, you can see ramps for acrobatics, arches with flames and a roller coaster.

At the bottom of the map, we will have two arcade pinball hitters.

Another novelty is that the Future-Brawl maps will receive a new item, the Pushers. They are structures that when the ball hits them, it is pushed, similar to pinball obstacles as well.

Two weeks of daily gifts

A new in-game event was also revealed, with two weeks of daily gifts. Among the gifts, we can see the appearance of Shelly Bandit, power points, Brawlers, reactions, Accessory and Star Power.

It was not clear if this event will, in fact, only be for beginner player accounts or for all players (and beginners can enjoy it too). If more details emerge, I’ll update this post.

Other updated news

  • Resistance gear has been reworked
  • New Accessories
  • Animated Pins
  • eSport pins
  • Silver and Gold Skins: Belle, Ash, Lola, Stu and Meg

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